5 Quick Copywriting Formulas for Email Subject Lines

Today’s digital tip, for you did you know that by the end of 2015 there are over four billion with Abby email accounts in existence. The average person is receiving over 575 emails, but that is amazing. That’s a lot of you know it’s increasingly harder for organizations to get the attention of someone that they’re writing to someone on your list right. That’s why the most important line in your email that you’re going to write is ding ding, your subject line right.

Five Formulas:

So I thought I’d go over some five easy formulas for you to really help you write email subject lines that really get them open immediately.

The first one is personalized. You’re subsidizing use the variables in your email database, whether it be your first name or the person’s town that they live in or some other thing that you’ve been collecting data on to include as a variable in that subject line do will help recognition, awareness, etc and get them to open up that email.

The second one has used questions leading questions in the email will peak that really a curiosity factor and really open up that email to figure out what the answer might be.

The third idea is to use lists and numbers. Listen to numbers in your subject lines really helps readers explain exactly what they’re going to get right. It’s sex the expectations for the content, and so remember you want to provide low numbers if it’s something that you want them to do right. So two things that you need to do in order to accomplish XYZ or you want to have high numbers if it’s a resource if you’re providing something of value to the right 99 things to do on the snow day with your kids might be something that people will actually open up exact things they take at least one of them is going to be something that’s useful to me for me.

The fourth is the how-to subject line how to do this? How to do that? Those step-by-step tutorials people want something practical right. It really gets to the women what’s in for me, if you’re able to help them by stepping them through something that they really need to do, or they want to do that.

How to subject line is really going to keep their curiosity and the last one is using scarcity or urgency in the subject line. There are only two seats left in data, the data or last year’s program sold out this year seems to be going quicker. I don’t want you to miss out on scarcity and urgency, always moves people to action and that’s the fifth formula for email. subject lines so that’s it. Those are my five tips for figuring out how to write killer subject lines.

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