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My Sales Script -
Facebook CTAs

Facebook CTAs (Call to Actions) Templates Bundle

Start Up Facebook CTAs (Call to Actions) Templates Bundle
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Facebook CTAs (Call to Actions) - Simple Edition
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Facebook CTAs

Just a few years ago, Facebook was more of a passive marketing tool.
You could use it to promote your brand and connect with potential customers, and cross your fingers that those people would make their way to your website or into a brick-and-mortar store.

The call-to-action (CTA) on a Facebook Ad (in the sidebar) is the “Title” text in blue at the top of your Ad.

This is the most important part of your Ad. It’s the most important element of your Ad to convince people to click. If you have a good image, it will draw people’s attention. But the CTA is where people will make their decision to actually stop and click. The description text can help, but the majority of people will have already made their decision to click before they read it.

#1: Include An Action Word

Your Ad needs to convince people to take an action – click on it. One way to think of your ad is acting like a motivational speaker. Tell your audience to get off the couch and go do something that will improve their life:

This CTA from one of Wishpond’s client’s The Barre Code is a great example of this:

Another way to use action words is to focus on how people can do a routine activity easier or better. This can be either something in their business life, like making sales calls or creating landing pages, or in their personal life, like exercising or cooking. Here are a few examples you can try:

#2: Keep your Call-To-Action to the Point

You have microseconds of people’s attention to get them to understand and click on your Ad. So don’t get all whimsical and cryptic in it. Make it something that a person can understand at just a glance.

Here are a couple CTA examples proven to convert:

#3: Promote a Benefit, Not a Product

The biggest mind shift online marketers need to have when moving from Google Adwords to Facebook Ads:

Lack of intent.

Google Adwords are so powerful because you can show them to people who are interested in buying your products RIGHT NOW. With Facebook Ads, you don’t have that same intent to capitalize on. You don’t know what people are thinking about when they’re on Facebook (Spoiler Alert: It’s not you!). So you have to give them something to pique their interest. Something that gives your audience value.

#4: Ask a Question

Questions are a great psychological technique to get people interested in your Ad. They work for two reasons:

Here are a few examples of questions to use in your Facebook Ads:

#5: Use Negative Words

This can be tough to get right, but it’s a very powerful way to pique people’s interest. Negative words like “Stop”, “Suck” and “Terrible” can stop people in their tracks. People are self-conscious by nature. They’re worried constantly about whether they’re making the right decisions. Capitalize on this fear by using negative words in your call-to-action.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should tell people they’re idiots. Instead, focus on things that people are always trying to improve and plant the idea in their mind that you may have a better way to do something than they currently are. Yes, it’s just like Inception.

Here are two more examples:

#6: Keep it Short and Prominent (News Feed Ads)

In News Feed Ads, you have more flexibility with how much text it contains. But this doesn’t mean you should go nuts with it. In my experience, the exact opposite is the best practice. The shorter you can make your CTA, the easier it is for people to read it (and the more likely it is that they will).

Here’s a recent News Feed Ad from Infusionsoft. While it’s a great case study for their company it include 105 WORDS over 627 CHARACTERS. When you have as much text as this Ad, most users will be overwhelmed by the wall of text and simply skip over it.

#7: “Free” is your Best Friend

The easiest way to get someone to click your Facebook Ad is to offer them something of value for free. It’s like saying “Hey, check out what I have to offer, it’s totally free!” For the majority of your Target Audience, they will have a (at best) mild interest in what you have to offer. So they’re likelihood of paying for it is probably zero.

How it Works

Facebook CTAs Templates

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Custom Facebook CTAs

If you have ordered custom Facebook CTAs, here's how My Sales Script works, in a nutshell.
Step one

We Listen

This means we stop and take time to understand you, your needs, and your goals from the beginning. This makes every other step in the process easier!

Step Two

We Prepare

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Step Four

You Provide Feedback

You’ll receive your new sales script in draft form and be given the opportunity provide feedback on it. Many of our clients don’t require any adjustments on this draft, but it’s okay if you do. We welcome your feedback!

Step Five

We Perfect

With your feedback we make any necessary adjustments. No one’s perfect, but when we’re done, your sales script will be Perfect! That’s because, by the time we reach this final step in the process, your every need will have been address and considered to create the sales script YOU set out to create – perfect for it’s new purpose and use.

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Facebook CTAs (Call to Actions) Templates Bundle

Start Up Facebook CTAs (Call to Actions) Templates Bundle
Once downloaded just fill in the blanks and use right away
All These Templates Are Included!
Facebook CTAs (Call to Actions) - Simple Edition
Looking For Completely Done For You Facebook CTAs?

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