Facebook Marketing – Leads Ads, Buy Button & Instant Articles

Facebook Marketing – Leads Ads, Buy Button & Instant Articles

Today we are going to discuss, Lead adverse landing pages as well as Facebook‘s Trend of trying to keep people on the platform via their buy buttons these Lead ads, and instant articles.

You know there are some pros and cons to doing in two different ways and I know Facebook. I know they’re the big bad giant in some people’s eyes, but I have really noticed that they do try to help with the user experience and everything in one of the latest and greatest things, that they’ve rolled out here or Lead ads.

So can you go ahead and describe the differences between Lead ads and landing pages, just the basics, and then we can dig into some details, so the old fashioned way of collecting at Leeds. I’m not using Facebook that you share a link on Facebook, whether it be organically or an ad and they click on that link to go to a landing page on your site and from there you’ve got a form, some sort of offer.

They complete the form and they’re added to add to your email list, but with Leed ad’s it completely streamlines that process I mean with some of the Facebook figured out. Are you know that the first of all those go ads previously may have been less effective because you’re taking them out of the experience on Facebook and maybe a little time or slow.

So basically, you click the link or the call to action button within the ad and automatically flips over and brings it up a form. This is currently only on mobile devices but will come to the desktop as well postal reform.

It automatically prefilled information that you’re asking for it’s pulled from the users profile and they can override it. They can say: oh that’s not the email. Just I want to use my name whatever the flask custom questions, but the main thing is it’s entirely within Facebook. It’s quick, it’s easy to streamline, and so the only results I’ve seen are pretty incredible in terms of then the ability to collect those leads, I mean it makes sense.

You know just from the early looking at it looks like it’s a no-brainer, but you know what will get it impossible pros and cons, but to back up just at the ad. You said it’s available on mobile. When is it going to be available on the desktop? Do you know soon Facebook basically announced recently a few updates that they’ll be making across that Lead ads, so not only will be available within best cop, but you’ll be able to do video ads.

That then, has the lead form integration but additionally, you can include within the terror cell ads, so the multi-product ads, where one of those will then be the lead form prompt whatever. That is so when that’s all going to happen not really sure, but it’s supposed to be soon and in regards to you know with our agency, you know: we’ve been waiting to want to try these but they’re not available to everybody.

Do you know when they’ll have stopped? I don’t know if it’s in beta right now. Are they just rolling it out, for you know it’s out of beta but you’re using it for select companies? I do know that there’s I don’t know if it’s a waiting list for or how that works. Do you know when you know this will be available to the masses? I’ve heard a very few people who don’t have it, and but I would check these Power Editor. We’ve gone back and forth between power, editor, and business manager so where, where they’re?

Currently, we know we test that we headed it tested at espresso, and we didn’t really love that sorry at espresso. But we’ve gone back to the platforms on Facebook and we actually just got approved for like a thousand accounts to work with. So I got to get with my team to see which one you know we’re in the marketing you’re always testing right.

Well, I’m not exactly sure, but I can ask them where we’re at because I’m not even sure if it’s available within the main act to create tools so make sure you’re using Power Editor. As far as I know, everyone should have access to it.

I’ll check it out, we actually looking into that now, but I do know that it wasn’t available as of at least a couple of months ago, but I’ll definitely check this out. Anderson development, it’s a pretty recent development over last month’s. All right, well obviously you know it just seems like well, of course, you’re going to want to do that right. It’s easier to fill out better for mobile users, but a possible con is you’re losing the traffic, which means people won’t be at your website possibly not.

Looking at your content, you might be losing trust. What are your thoughts on that? This is a give-and-take there, so I’m not having traffic first of all primary games at least for me. I love using website custom audiences, so remarketing people based on the pages of my sites. They visited that’s no longer possible to do now-a-days visiting my site if you’ve got any upsell, cross-sell or redirecting them after they opt-in on your site.

That’s not really possible. Either you can provide a link at the end of the form, but they don’t need to click it, so you lose that as well. But the other potential negative then of the lead at is okay. Being that easy, is there an issue? The equality that’s the next question, I mean I could tell you this. I miss our still early stages, but I have tested emailing. These lists are built purely through the Lead ads and at least have had again small sample size, but a hundred percent deliverability.

So I mean these are emails just as that people provide, but that’s attached to their Facebook Account now. Is it something up there they’re used frequently didn’t email, just haven’t updated in five years? That’s something that I don’t know yet in terms of the defectiveness of that. But that said I mean I especially think about load times and all 10 stuff. You can think about all the people you likely lose, who click on a link to go to your landing page, a lot and a lot.

So are there some potential issues with this? As far as not having that traffic, maybe the qualities down who know, and this is all possible but in my mind, it’s still the pros far outweigh the cons and in that respect now another current. If you don’t use a third-party tool, there is no automatic syncing to your CRM, saw your photo for that today, actually so somebody else in on your landing page until data form it’s going to infusion soft your email chain, for whatever they’ll automatically be sent.

Your autoresponder well if complete the lead for them on FacebookFacebook gives you a CSV file that you did you get out of your Facebook page that you export and then after exporting it to make sure it’s in the right format and import into your CRM. And if you’re not doing that constantly people are me like. What’s up I have been any on how to get anything. Luckily, there are third-party tools they’re Integrating with that, I’m the one that I’ve been using.

Is this drift rock lead response, so they stayed currently with six different CRM software, but even if they don’t think with Lucien to use, they can have an autoresponder go out from the email address of your choice, so basically from you. It would basically be whatever you would have told them anyway in that first email. So then it makes that process more streamlined, so there’s the solution to that problem.

Of course, those things you cost morning too, but when your weight you know way again the pros and cons. If I’m getting, for example you know fifty percent in some cases the cost of a lead using Lead ads. So I’m going to spend a couple of hundred dollars a month or whatever it is to make sure those are synced and I’m spending a few thousand dollars a month.

Not make sense so really depends. I know what you’re doing I hear you in to kind of take from the blog you sent, and it was so ironic. I saw that because that was one thing that annoyed us and continues to annoy us. As with the Twitter cards, and I didn’t know that we weren’t you live and learn right here getting in this and marketing, you know, especially in marketing right.

I mean there’s so many new things and we’re doing these Twitter ads and I was like how is it possible, we have gotten zero response on these right and then they were like well no we have a. Where are they’re over here? I’m like guys, no clue and they were sitting there for weeks and that’s one thing I wanted to discuss with you today at the annoyingness of that.

If it works the same way and then randomly this morning, I see you did a whole. You always seem to be one step ahead of the game, though John, and to take from that post. The two ones that you mentioned. The companies were drift, rock, that’s DRI, FTW, roc, ceilidh response and there’s no Doug, there’s no W in there. That should just drift rock Grif Broc kroz, and then sync sumos, another good one, that’s syincsumo.

If we clear the sink sumo that that one, they already have a tool that stinks through CRM, but it doesn’t sync with Facebook Lead ad, but there’s going it’s going to gotcha and to circle back around to you know who this might you know Which direction you might want to go with landing page first, these Lead ads are these? Are they going to be more expensive? I’m so, first of all, depends on who you ask what I’ve seen so far, and so it’s just me, let’s not make it a universal statement.

So it costs to reach people is actually about twice as high with the lead ads, and giant people to my website, which is interesting because my cost per lead is quite a bit less fertile yet so that just shows you again success rate of that. If you do it right, because I’ve heard some people now, whenever you have a CPM, it’s that much higher, you better be more effective.

So I have heard some people have said all this is too much expensive. It cost me too much for leads well, so I mean there are lots of factors that go into whether or not you collect that lead. The zeros did your ad crap, because now everything is in that ad, whether have someone’s going to opt-in and you might make it easy.

But if you’re targeting is terrible, if you’re creative as bad your copies bad, whatever and you’re spending double to reach people any waste of money. So again, it’s something that everybody should experiment with, but the cost I’m seeing the rich people is higher, but there’s just so effective, though the cost per lead is component lower and that’s really where we at the end of the day is what we Concentrate on, of course, there are lots of different stepping stones date that you look at to get to that point, but at the end of the day it’s the cost per conversion is what it comes down to and you use the CPM to use the cost per clicks.

You do all that stuff, correct me. If I’m wrong, I mean this is my thought on it, but you know at the end of the day, that’s what matters you know what would actually be ended up happening. You know the end result. What does that cost? You know right, you definitely have fun with your CPM discussions in your cost per click and we’ll get into that on another webinar, but you emphasize that all the time, and it in to be clear kinds of the way you should use it because again.

Currently, it’s only for mobile and it makes sense why to prioritize that way, because what would I’ve seen up until this point up silly tax deceit, CPM for mobile devices is lower than CPM for desktop publisher partially because of competition. That’s under-seat however, once again the issue is you click that ad for mobile device go to a landing page that may or may not be mobile optimized, and you got a fumble through with your thumbs.

Get all get all this information to go requesting, so the conversion was more expensive, typically from a mobile device. That’s the best time so the way I recommend going about this is especially now currently because it’s right now the only available mobile device for League ads. You still run two ads running one starting mobile devices for the Lead ad and then one still sends people to your landing page for desktop. In reality, you could still run the what’s going here. Go into your landing page to all placement.

So that I was going to say, that’s how i was going to ask you if that’s what your advice would be. As I mean, you got ta test test test and test again right, and so you might as well try everything, but your gut tells you I mean. Did you do your due diligence, everyone, but if John had to guess, and I guess if I had to guess, I would definitely say that these Lead ads when you take down barriers of injuries when you remove an entire you lick.

I mean that’s big deal In marketing I mean it’s been especially on mobile because it’s so tricky to collect information from people on a mobile device. There’S going to free filiform say all I got ta do is hit submit. That’s easy! So again I mean it’s. I guess a small sample size and I spent several thousand dollars.

So far and the results been pretty clear for me, and on that note. I don’t know how pertinent this is because you’re going to want to test maybe starting with, but I just kind of had a question: if you, you had to choose a percentage of budget to spend between lead, ads and driving people to landing pages.

What would you do? Well, I mean for now basic primarily just done placement, so I think I think I go maybe 5050, although I may actually spend even more on the lead as just because it’s more effective, so I think again, depending on your results, you may want to go more towards 60, 40 or 70 30, since you’ll actually collect more leaves to delete, add then, and again, people are on mobile devices more than air on desktops these days.

So it probably makes more sense to spend a little bit more money on Ali’s dad’s side. As importantly, it sounds like you’re sold on and I’m heavily leaning. That way to you know it just in anything that makes it easier, especially on mobile, your ride. We’ve just seen it’s you got to make it so easy for them, and the only thing is you got to be creative one way or another right so find ways to be creative.

Do your tests, and but definitely, you would be a fool to not. I out delete ads at a med food. Do that and all right well cool. Let’S is there anything else you want to add on Lead adverse landing pages. I think we’ve kind of gone over that you know obviously a pro of a landing page, and you know people like SEO mobs and a lot of the people like that. They can really teach you how to create awesomely landing pages and a very good landing page.

Will build trust and all that? Oh, but obviously, and it could be weeding out unqualified, leads, and you know pro landing pages, but you’re right and you know you don’t know what kind of plug in or you’re you know if it takes more than what 3.3 seconds to load people are going to bounce on you more times than not, and most people aren’t going to really know how bad that is with everybody else’s. So you know a potential confer landing pages that might you know, deter people from filling out the form.

It’s an extra click, so everyone just needs to take all that into consideration and you know, do your own testing. But do you have anything else to add on this subject before we jump on to the x button in the instant articles part of that, I think, is to keep in mind that I landing page your pitch is entirely in the ad now, whereas before it’s like you just want to get people to click, so they go to Atlantic Asia learn more about it.

So to be able to more thorough, maybe a little more creative, and explaining what it is they’re signing up for. So I think that’s the first thing something else to consider is: we can all see this as an opportunity to remarket people who have maybe visited that landing page previously, but didn’t convert, because again it may be difficult, tricky, whatever on with the lead, add to make it easier form.

That’s a great point I stopped and emphasized for you right there, John. What you’re saying is: build a website, custom audiences based on putting a pixel on the page that people went and went to that landing page, but they did not convert right. You can do this and you can learn along with all this from John lumber. He talks about all this stuff. Oh, you know all the time and it’s amazing information.

So it’s what I emphasize that what John jesting is to go put a pixel on your landing page, create a custom audience on for that page, and then for sure remarket people with the Lead ads because they’re very senior landing page and they didn’t. I might need a little extra nudge, so that’s a brilliant idea. I think thank you for bringing that up at that. You should even be clear in the copy like a size, you visit landing page for this indent.

Convert I’m going to make it easier for you is otherwise we just found the same ad can sing that copy and imagery in the formula. They don’t know it’s Aletta. They don’t know it’s easier to be clear. Like hey, this is easier. This will lead that’s all you got ta do, is click this button or click the link and we’ll bring up those the Facebook form and you don’t have to go to my site, so you know whatever be created with the copy that I see a lot of people were like.

I try that I didn’t well. They think it’s the same at eye looking at it, so you have to be clear that you’re actually trying to help them and yeah based on something you know that they are you dating intersect. Phenomenal point working we’re going to I’m gon na implement that right away. Alright. Well with this trend in in mind of you know Facebook trying to keep people on their platform, you know, let’s touch on the x button and instant articles. You know the x button.

It’s fairly self-explanatory unless I’m missing something, but can you give any negatives to the x button? I mean actually that the same arguments we made for the negatives on Lee dad’s regarding that Senate traffic. This would probably be a loud argument regarding that right because, with someone who visit the landing page for a product versus and opt-in, a product they’re, most likely more likely to be thinking about it, they’re not going to buy today sort of remarketing to them could be really effective, and so if someone ever never visited that landing page and it can be an issue, but so it so basically the buy button is the same concept.

That elite add-in that you’re going to complete the transaction entirely on Facebook. You click that buy button, and the forum comes up to actually make the purchase in book so same kind of positives. There though it’s streamlined it’s easy, and never even have to they’ll have to sit there waiting for your website to load for its eight seconds.

On average and it may not be mobile-friendly, you know all excess stuff so and additionally, once you start buying through Facebook and I guess right now that the integration is primarily through Shopify. If it’s that not this way now, you know we’ll be there and they’ll have all that stuff on file where you don’t need to provide the credit card number again and again and again again, so so once you’ve done it a single time, it’ll make that Process of buying units on Facebook so easy now: what about can you do cost per click with these late ads and buy buttons p.m?

You will actually with the Lead ads. Your options are optimized for the lead itself or optimized for the quick so the cost per click. Those are your only two options, so you can’t even do just typical CPM with Lead ads, and since I don’t have to buy buns because I don’t have a Shopify site, I’m not sure exactly how you can optimize for that but it’s probably similar.

I would assume I mean that those are some good things to consider and again it all comes back down to integrating a strategy between the two and obviously doing your testing you’ll hear me say that I’m sure you’ll hold John say that it’s constantly and your hair other marketers say It because you’ve got a test, I mean there’s, not a one size fit all fits all in any company in any marketing theory or tactic, or at also try them out.

But you need to know about this stuff so that you can at least try it out and integrate it. You know some of the things John is saying you have your landing pages due to custom audiences remarket tune with this at a minimum, but at the same time try it out because I mean as long as you’ve established trust through your branding. In other ways, these other things should be very, very beneficial to your ultimate.

You know sales goals and marketing goals. Alright moving on to instant articles John, why don’t you go ahead and explain what instant articles are for the listeners? So whether we’re talking about bLeed ads or the buy button artist articles in every case is a trend here and it’s one that some publishers are scared of and they don’t like it because they’re losing control, and so it’s all Facebook trying to keep people on the platform, and there may be some selfish reasons for this, but the end of the day.

It’s been really good for user experience, so these instant articles, first of all, to explain how to behave when you click on a link now shares in Facebook, where there’s actually a feed from the publisher, where it’s in this format it automatically opens up And so it’s in automatically opens up the article in Facebook, but it’s rich media content dynamic.

You can do all kinds of crazy things with it, but you can’t really necessarily do easily with a website, but you can also have it. What can you dig into that like? What are some of the does it as far as it so so rich media, like autoplay video, that will come up with in the article? I saw this ad from wendys that Cassie it’s really hard to even explain, but you could flip through the side to side or up and down.

So it’s a view, different content and but there’s also like some. You can make maps that you can engage with and there are all kinds of things and it’s a much richer, much more rich experience than being on someone’s website in the first place like there’s like tilting your phone to move stuff around and things like that. So it’s a really good user experience.

It ends up being entirely within Facebook. That said, you still get the traffic, because that this is coming from a feed from your site. That is in the format of that instant article. What do you mean? You still get traffic because that’s because I think that’s been a big sticking point for these publishers and – and I mean it’s a great user experience, but you know it is a great user experience of people was able to buy a Lamborghini for five thousand dollars.

You know I mean that the people you know on the other side of it. You know you need to be able to monetize that traffic uni or else you can’t continue to produce good content you know so can you explain because I wasn’t under the impression that you were able to mean it was good for branding for like in New York Times, you know branding purposes for Big Time magazine’s, but for like the smaller guy when branding it’s important, but not like that. You know, and you do want to drive people to your website.

You do want to be able to monetize that through one form or fashion, how, from the other side of the coin, how is it beneficial? So, first of all, you have complete control over what goes into that content. You know you have links there within that content that contains a link out to your stuff. You can have ads, you can place your ad ads, an actual or you could have Facebook place ads in there, and then you take a certain amount of that.

So it’s up to you how you want to do it, but and in a date like you can still put in whatever it is you’re tracking. I don’t know if Google Analytics or whatever’s in there now, but you’ll still collect all that traffic. So you’ll know who is visitor and when a not so you can still report back to whatever advertiser you have and say. This is how many impressions you got, you know, drive the metrics.

These are the clicks on your ad all of that is so it’s still all the metrics and all the stuff still operates like a you know, a page on somebody’s website, then yeah and I to be clear. I’m not one hundred percent clear on all of that. So do you have something left over? So you’re going to lose the typical navigation get on your site. That’s not there I don’t know if you can still have a commenting and then normal I don’t know allow this is still completely new to me, but there you still have some.

Some control of you still do get this traffic at least to a point, because it’s going to go, you can embed. You know whatever is your tracking software is so you debt that goes into all of your data so but I don’t I’m not clear on. Does this impact you at GL positively or negatively? I would assume if you if this is still coming from your feet and it’s easier to read and people engage it more, that it would positively impact it, but I so understand clear on that myself.

Well, this is this, is so new instant articles and, and I’m fairly certain about this has not been rolled out. This is a this has been for, like just the top publishers like the top 20. That’s definitely not clear on Cumbria. That’s everything I’m not clear on is how difficult is it? Is it to create this type of content to create these feeds for Facebook they try to make it sound like it’s easy, but for like it’s a little blogger like me because it’s something I could actually do so, no just a lot? We don’t know at this point.

Well, you know that’s marketing for you right and, if ever-evolving, but that’s why you need to follow people like John lumer. So he get to keep you up to date on all these latest things, because their ever-changing and there’s going to be something new and next. But you know I do give it to Facebook. You know I used to kind be you know me. I don’t like the man and all that, but you watch them.

They really do seem to try to respond to what’s best and obviously you know you have to pay to play, but that’s like in anything in life so you know learned to learn, you know watching them and they really are giving good opportunities for marketers through all the targeting and then things like this instant articles, there’s going to be ways to make this advantageous, but you just got to keep on top of it all, and then just your use.

Your marketing and your creative brain to figure out how to do it so we can’t fight this, we can’t always think about what is best for us and the way I’ve been doing things, because any day these changes if users don’t like them, they won’t they will last but if users prefer to engage with instant articles, You better that matters prefer to engage more within Facebook and wait for your slow crappy cycle 0 for 8 seconds you better adapt!

So you’re going up you’re just going to die! I mean everyone needs to take that to their grave because that is so important. You’ve got to stay on top, you got it to be open to change and you got it. You got to stay on top and you gotta try stuff out.

I’m learning that more and more and nobody can be stuck in their ways. Of course, don’t go with every new shiny thing out there you should try to stay on top of at least the main platforms and and try some of these things out, but I do think the things we talked about today are some items that everyone out there should give a go.

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