How to Create a Video Sales Letter in under an Hour

In this blog you’re going to discover how you can use video sales letters to get more buyers of your products, you’ll learn what a video sales letter actually is, and I’m going to show:

How to create one in minutes:

So, first a bit of background. A lot of folks get confused about what a video sales letter actually is, and I want to clarify this because it’s important – and you really need to understand this, because when you implement a video sales letter, your understanding of it will actually affect how many sales you make because of the implementation, so this is really going to affect. You know what money you get in your pocket from the video you create. So when a lot of folks hear the term video sales letter, they think of a traditional sales letter, the long-form copy web page where the video may be at the top or maybe just a page with nothing else on screen, except one video.

Now, when you think about that video in one of these pages, a lot of folks assume that what makes a great video sales letter is some 30 minutes heavily edited onslaught of video footage on multimedia that has, you know almost Hollywood production quality. Those kinds of videos are great, but they’re, not actually video sales. Letters in the true sense and, more importantly, those videos are incredibly expensive and time-consuming to produce. So a real video sales letter is actually nothing more than a pre-written script that simultaneously being narrated and shown on screen. At the same time, exactly like this video now, I know what you’re, probably thinking, why on earth would a video that essentially looks basic and ugly result in more sales than a big Hollywood mega-production kind of format?

Well, the answer lies with a very well-known marketer called Ryan Deiss, who actually popularized the term video sales letter and, more importantly, has tested this format against other video formats to see what works best right found. This format works the best because, although it lacks visual appeal, it’s essentially attacking two of your senses, eyes, and ears with the same message making it very hard to ignore to use this format, you’ve really got to have a very, very polished, well-written script, and engaging audio narration, otherwise your viewers will turn off in droves, but if your message is concise, relevant and valuable, this format can really work.

How do you produce a video sales letter?

To create a video sales letter, there is a tool called a one-hour video studio. This program is a piece of software you can get from us at compelling TV, and what you’re going to see is how quickly I can create a video sales letter with it. So I have written a script already for you and you can see what I’ve done is just break up each line of the script with markers. So you can tell the markers because of the square brackets and what’s going to happen is each of those markers is going to become a separate slide in PowerPoint.

So what I’m going to do is just drag in the audio file. You can see it’s just down the bottom here, VSL to mp3, so I’ve got this media player that is going to playback my script. At the same time, what I’m going to do is synchronize the recording with the script. What that will then help me do is create slides in PowerPoint for each of these markers that coincide exactly with the script.

How do you produce a video sales letter?

So accidentally click the marker later to put in 2:30. So you can see. All I needed to do was pause, rewind, and resynchronized just to get that timing. In perfect hope, this is making sense of what I’ve got here. I’ve got the audio file I recorded. You know it took two and a half minutes to record it. I probably spent another two minutes: cleaning up and you’ve just seen me do the synchronization, where I’ve just gone through and clicked on, each of these slides and now I’ve got timings in for each part. The script here comes the magical part. If I click produce PowerPoint file, this is going to give me a summary of what this is going to create. So I’m going to get 15 slides. I can see exactly how long. Why is the color-coding? There is just showing me slides that are quite long or very short, so that’s just giving me an idea of pacing and whether I’m gonna have any issues, but I’m happy with this, and I can set PowerPoint transitions.

I wrote a little note, which is what I want to have on-screen, But then, on the slides from 6 to 15, I’ve written a hash script and you’ll see what that does in a minute, so almost ready to hit this button create PowerPoint file. So the last thing I’m going to do is just select a PowerPoint template, which I can do with this option here, got this one ready to go. So we’ve got this little summary of. What’s going to be created, it’s going to use this PowerPoint template and you can see it down there. It’s going to use that audio, recording so watch this save that, and powerpoints launching it’s just taking up all the screen because it’s huge.

Video studio has created this PowerPoint file. It’s embedded in my audio narration. The marker text is now the main text on each slide until we get to slide 6 and then from slide 6 onwards. I’ve got this exact script from each marker on-screen. Exactly like a traditional video sales letter, so this has taken about 10 minutes to create the script. I wrote I probably spent about 10 minutes to be fair, but then from adding the markers doing the audio recording cleaning it up too. Finally, just to configure in PowerPoint builder there to select the template, etc. I’ve now got a PowerPoint file ready to go to convert into video, so very, very rapid. What I can now do is move to render video on what this will do is pick up that PowerPoint document and turn it into an mp4 file. So I can pick a range of formats adjust the quality hit, render and sit back and wait while one hour, video studio converts this into a video file, so very easy to do.

The last part of this tool is the Youtube upload, so I can set the title description keywords exactly as the Youtube upload feature on the site. You’ll see at the bottom is: it’s actually added the script. I wrote in this transcript field. What this is going to do is actually upload this to YouTube for the closed, caption support or transcript, and that’s actually going to give me a little bit of help with search rankings because YouTube’s actually index this data, as well as the metadata that you provide in title description and keywords, so is what one-hour video studio does for you. This is a very very rapid way to create videos in the case of video sales letters.

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