How to Script a Marketing Video that SELLS | Video Sales Letter Template

You’re going to learn how to script the marketing video that you can use on YouTube, Facebook, or even as a video sales letter, even if you’re new to this kind of stuff. In fact, I’m going to reveal the same stuff formula that I’ve used to create a sales video for one of my own products, the seven-day rainmaker email sequence. So I’m going to show you what these 10 steps are, how you can make sure that you use them in any type of video that you want.

Do you have to have a seven-minute video as well to make this work? No, of course not. In fact, you can use this for any type of video which has ideally between one minute to ten minutes. So that will be the range that this would be perfect for. However, you can also expand it. You can make it the long-form video sales letter, or you can actually make it the super short 30 to 40-second video that grabs attention, creates some type of emotional connection, and then offers people a solution to their problems.

So if you’re curious about how you can leverage the awesome opportunity of video marketing, especially in 2021. The truth is that especially nowadays, people are browsing so much on mobile and it’s just easier to sell with a video than with the long text-based marketing asset.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be using those. They can work as well. And if you look at something like email, it’s still one of the best and most personal types of communication channels that you can have. So you cannot really replace it with a video. However, if you want to grab attention fast, if you want to create fascinations in people, if you want to leverage the great opportunity of Facebook advertising or YouTube advertising, then these type of videos can definitely make a huge impact on your business and it can help you attract the right leads and just get them into your ecosystem. Or you can directly sell them something if they’re on your email list or you’re marketing them some type of product.

Well, first of all, as with any other type of marketing project, you got to get their attention first for written text. You have the headline for this for emails, you have the subject line here. You have basically a hook that immediately grabs their attention. Now, this can be a pattern interrupt in which you do something that they don’t expect.

It can be the start of a story. It can be a question that calls out something. It can be an interesting statistic. It can be something funny. It’s up to you and you can even stack these. But the main thing here is that you just immediately start with something that they will find interesting, like what are you going to learn today? Now, the second step is to identify their problem.

And again, this is always the case in any type of copywriting work. People need to realize that they have a problem. You need to make sure that they know that their life is not perfect and that they have trouble getting from their current situation to their ideal situation on their own. And if you think about it, that’s the basis of any type of sales conversation. So they have to realize that they have a problem.

Step 1: Unaware From Problem

They are unaware that they have a problem. Then they discover that they have a problem, but they don’t know of a solution yet. Then they discover that there are solutions, but they just feel lost.

Step 2: Identify The Problem

Then they become product aware when they hear of you, your products, your services, and then they become most aware when they’re already familiar with your world and they are basically just waiting for a discount or something. So this is the second step that identified the problem.

Step 3: Agitate The Problem

The third step is very closely related to this, and it is to agitate the problem because here’s the thing. Simply pointing out the problem doesn’t work so many people think about is how many people you know are always telling you or themselves or their loved ones.

You got to agitate this problem because without that they won’t feel the burning pain and you need them to feel that burning pain because otherwise, they will just phase out. I mean, there are so many distractions today. They will keep continuous scrolling on Facebook. They’re going to skip your ad on YouTube. They’re just going to look at yet another cat video.

Do you want that? No, of course not. But in order to really hook them emotionally and this is the name of the game here, hook them emotionally because every type of buying decision is made on emotions. And once they made that decision, then they justify the decision with logic. But at this point, you just have to identify the problem first and then agitated. Don’t be afraid to twist the knife a little bit.

Those types of ads, those types of videos is the ones that really connect with people. And naturally, those type of structures works well for stories as well. Think about all of the movies, all the classical literature, or any type of story that you might know. It’s always based on some type of pain like we. The protagonist, you know, their life is OK at first, they’re unaware of their problem, then something happens that basically gets them on a deep dive. They discover that they have a problem. They’re trying to fix it somehow, but they fail. They get deeper and deeper and deeper until they hit like kind of a rock bottom. This is the agitation part. And then based on some, you know, a lot of work, a lot of suffering help from an outside party, they discover a solution that works.

So think about this every single time when you want to convey a message, not just in videos, in-text as well, or even in like face to face sales, you want to agitate the problem.

Step 4: Identify The Solutions

The fourth step is to identify the solutions. So this is just a natural thing. If you highlight a problem for people, they will get emotionally stressed and they will want you to offer them a solution. And if you don’t, they might even get angry at you. So always offer them a solution that naturally complements the type of pain that you just described here.

So if you want to help them make more money and you just mentioned the story on how you were struggling for so many years, you barely had enough money in your bank account to pay your rent, then your solution would be on how you discovered, I don’t know, copywriting and turn it into a lucrative career. Was it easy? No, but this is part of the story and it’s also the solution as well. So make sure to always have a solution and present it in your video as well. But and this is very important. Please resist the temptation to unpack the solution too much, OK? You don’t want to give them to how you just want to give them the what and maybe do why.

That’s it. Don’t start and explaining your whole system and everything in a type of video like that, because people will start to think too much from their heads and you still want them to think based on emotions. Even if this might sound a little bit weird, people do think with their emotions it’s like a gut feeling and you don’t want to engage their logical brain too much because then they will start to rationalize that. Yeah, maybe I don’t want this or something like that. OK, so present a solution to ease it a little bit, give the high level like ten thousand foot view, but stay at that.

Step 5: Establish Authority

This brings me to the fifth step and that’s to establish authority. So at this point, people are obviously interested in what you want to give them. May that be a free resource, like a freebie or a paid product, an entry-level product, or even a high ticket coaching program? At this point, they’re somewhat interested as well, but they’re going to start doubting you. They’re going to say, yeah, sure, you made a great case on this so far, but who are you? Why should I trust you? So in this far, the fifth part, you basically build more rapport.

You establish to know like and trust factor. So you list your previous achievements. You present why this problem that you just described as it was a central part of your life as well. You bring up case studies, maybe some testimonials, not too much, but a few, and just basically build the case that you are an expert at this and you are not just some schmuck who is trying to just sell them snake oil. OK, at this point, you have two options. Either you can explain your offer a little bit more, a bit more detail, let’s say, or something, an online course. In that case, it makes sense to basically describe what they get, what’s inside, what are the bonuses, you know, what are the outcomes of all these things that they get.

But if you are doing a shorter video, a few minute-long videos, only then you can skip this basically and just give them a call to action. So, again, based on how long your video is, I’m going to assume it’s shorter for this presentation. But you can also give them more information. But for now, just give them a call to action. So after you’ve built the case of the problem, agitation, solution, who are you? Why should they trust you? Just give them a call to action. And again, this can be like something asking them to subscribe to your newsletter, to download your book, to join you are a free to challenge. But it can also be something to buy your entry-level product so it can work either way. And in a few minutes, I’m going to show you how I did it with my own entry-level product, the seven-day remake original sequence.

OK, at this point you’ve made your offer and that can be prompting people to subscribe to your newsletter, to download your book, to join your free challenge, or to buy one of your paid programs, anything. If it’s a short video, again, I’m going to assume that it’s a shorter video because most people are looking for me. Getting videos that are top of the funnel, so meaning they hook people in and get them into their marketing channels so that they can nurture them more with like emails, for example. So you gave them a call to action. You can finish the video, but if you want to go on longer then you can highlight the guarantee, for example, that they got a money-back guarantee.

If they buy the course, you can highlight even more testimonials. You can present some case studies as well, or you can talk more about the bonuses. You can do any of these things and then give them another call to action because it’s not enough for longer videos to give them just a single call to action because, yeah, it’s just you got to make it as easy as possible for people to join. OK, that’s the essence here, to make it as frictionless and smooth as possible. And sometimes you just need to give several calls to action right in front of them so that they don’t have to scroll back or something.

You remind them several times to do the action that you want them to take. Now we get to some more advanced stuff because if you have a video which is like longer than three minutes, let’s say, then you have the real estate to also present them with the binary option of what happens if they don’t do anything. And this can be after, like, your second call to action. So just make them realize that the default thing for people is to do nothing. But if they do nothing, if they choose that option, which is the easiest but is the most painful, because then they will continue to suffer, they will continue to live with the same problems that they are living with right now. But they have another option as well. They can give your offer a risk-free shot.

And if they do that, then bet on themselves. They can significantly improve their lives risk-free because they are protected by a money-back guarantee. So this type of binary close works really well usually, and it really makes people think that, yes, they want us. It motivates them a bit more. So make sure to use it. By the way, you can also give them some type of scarcity here. So if you have a course and the court is closing soon because you’re launching the course, you have a launch model that you can remind them of the urgency.

And I don’t know how long this opportunity will last. If you want to join, better do it sooner rather than later and make sure to use real scarcity here, because people will look through the bullshit scarcity and they just when they refresh the page and they will see the same type of timer there, they usually don’t like it. Now, sometimes it’s harder to set this up with tech and everything, but if you can then make sure to do this because it will establish you as more of credible authority. OK, this is important. And then finally, if the video is this long, then you can give them another call to action and even more social performance here, more testimonials, more case studies. But now you can give them a call to action, which is more like fear-based. The first call to action, let’s say, is game-based so you can highlight what they will gain from this whole thing. The second one could be logical that it makes sense to do this. And this third one could be fear-based. It could be like, hey, this is your last chance to join here or something like that.

And yeah, with that being said, you basically have the structure for the video itself. So as a quick recap, first you grab attention, then you highlight the problem that they’re dealing with. Next stop, you agitate the problem, then you offer a solution, then you build credibility and trust for yourself. Then you give them a call to action, the first game based call to action. Then you optionally describe what’s inside the program a bit more and might even give them a money-back guarantee, highlight the money-back guarantee. Then you give them another call to action, then you do the binary calls. So basically just present the contrast between not doing anything and doing something and then you give them the final call to action. And again, you can complement it with additional social proof elements as well. So it’s not that complicated. Don’t worry if you don’t get it perfect. And again, this can be as short as a one minute video and as long as like ten, fifteen-minute video, you can expand it.

You can make the story, especially the problem part. Of the structure much longer, you can describe all your past failings, all the things that you’ve tried but didn’t work, and you can expand that through as long as you want, and it will build more emotional connections. But sometimes, you know, if you’re doing a top of a funnel marketing campaign, you just want to grab that attention. And in that case, just a simple like one, two lines or paragraphs of a problem-based story is enough to get people interested.

I want to show you one of my own marketing videos that I’m using as a vessel, a video sales letter. And this is a special type of vessel because it’s an ugly vessel. It’s ugly because it’s only a white background with decks on it. And you might be wondering, like, what’s up with that? People aren’t even in there, believe it or not. It’s simple, but it’s great for telling stories. It’s great for building that emotional connection. And there are no distractions here. People can’t even skip to certain parts of the video. The only thing they can do is to stop it or start it or even to muted it. But that’s it. You don’t want to give them the opportunity to skip because one of the great benefits of a video ad or a video sales letter is that you basically force people to go through your whole sales argument.

And that is a double-edged sword, because, at one part, it has to be good because otherwise you’re going to lose them and they’re not going to scroll through like they could with a sales page. But on the other hand, if you hook them, if you build that slippery slope of persuasion, then they’re going to watch it and they are much more likely to scroll all the way down to the price, for example, or to just skip certain parts that are needed for your whole sales argument. So for this, a video is really great.

A few key tips which are really useful for selling, then approach the conversion context in your campaigns and finally sell without being so easy. Once I learned these three concepts, the benefits were amazing. My operation tripled. People started bonding with me even before they knew me. This is the turnaround story from which I was struggling. I found the system and then now I’m experiencing results. And people actually started clicking the links in my emails, going to my page, and buying my spot. The first time you experience this, it’s unbelievable. Like what I just said in an email, people click the link and I print money. It sounds unbelievable, but it’s true and it can work. And if you’re watching this video, I think you are a total beginner and you think that this is just a pipe dream.

Don’t worry about it. It is at first, it might seem like if your list is very small, but if you have a list, you’re growing it and you start sending emails. I mean, it works. It really works because I finally understood how selling through email really works. So I took all that I’ve learned over the years, this is a transition of six and seven-figure companies boost their sales. Check it out. This is the authority building part and the credibility building part the system. So I’m moving it a little bit earlier because it naturally complements this. But it’s basically the same thing. Email, and that’s the very best stuff into a ridiculously effective email template. Back surgically designed digital products with deadly efficiency notice, surgically designed deadly efficiency.

You might think that these words are too powerful, too harsh. But think about it. When people are watching the video, especially when they’re watching like a text-based video, your energy, your energy in your voice is automatically have. So that’s also why you have to pump yourself up. You have to use these types of power words because otherwise, people will just think that it’s a snooze fest. And if you lose their attention, they’re gone. They’re gone for good. Make the product reveal. Basically, it’s a complete plug and a seven-day email campaign that will transform your email stats from DIS. Into this more social boost, sales from this. Into this, even more, social proof. You can’t do it, all you need is a seven-day remake, Rainmaker email sequence. So here’s a sampling of what’s actually inside. So this is the part that I mentioned. If your script, your video is running longer, if you want to sell something directly, then you can definitely use this and just start expanding what’s inside the product itself.

And I also gave them a call to action here so they can click it and they will this is made with Wistia. You have seven point one high converting grab and go in. So I’m giving them bullets here, just bullets and an overview of what’s inside to build some desire here that you can easily customize to fit your business. Within minutes, everything is neatly laid out. So you just open the document, fill in the blanks based email in your email service provider, and hit send. That’s it. It’s that easy. A proven strategy already created for you that dress casual subscribers into profitable customers on autopilot in just seven days, not one, but two attention-grabbing subject line variations for each email to grab attention and boost operates and a bonus checklist on how to make the most out of these frequent templates.

So your emails consistently get those high winds in place. So I’m just describing what’s in the course. I’m pumping up the language here so that it’s more powerful. But everything that I see here is true. I mean, this is easy. This template. I put a lot of effort and consideration into this template back to make sure it’s anybody can use it, even if they’re not a writer. I personally use this exact more social proof here of thousands of dollars for my clients and now I’m making it available to the public for the very first time.

Normally I charge between two hundred four hundred dollars for writing just one of these. This was like some time back. Now it’s even higher. But yeah, you get the idea. But today you can grab the entire seven-day sequence for just twenty-eight dollars. Yep. Just twenty-eight dollars. That’s less than four dollars for email and doing some slight price anchoring here.

Not the most but a little bit, just reframing that twenty-dollar price to smaller manageable amounts. So just click the first call to action. You’ll be confidently sending converting emails in a matter of minutes. And I even added a little arrow here to point to the call to action button here. When they click it, they will get to the checkout page or lower on this page and they can buy it. That’s it. And in case you’re wondering, yes, there is a guarantee trannie entire template back. And if you don’t make your investment back by at least 10 times within 30 days, simply send me a message and I’ll give you your money, the money-back guarantees. Think about it, the money-back guarantees here. I obviously don’t think it’ll come to that. But if you’re even the least bit worried if this will work for you, that put your mind at ease, you either get the results you want or you get your money back.

It’s that simple. So at this point, you know, something needs to check out the binary clothes. I’m giving them the two options. Either they do nothing or they do something. And so either they do nothing and they will keep struggling or they do something and good things can happen and they can do it risk-free. And you’ve been struggling with low performing emails for far too long, yet you’ve seen that there’s an easy way to fix this literally within minutes.

And no matter what, your investment is fully guaranteed. So now’s the time to take that next step, simply a second call to action. And let’s get started. You’ll be taken directly due to security. Check out now, since again, this video is around seven minutes long, I have the space to explain in more detail what happens when they click the button. So you don’t have to do this for like a lead generation type of video, but for a longer or like medium-sized video sales that are you can definitely do this because it lowers the anxiety in people. If they know exactly what they can expect, they’re more likely to buy. And this increases conversion rates. And you’ll get your hands on the seven-day rainmaker email sequence within 30 seconds. No more writing from scratch and no more leaving money at the table with your email.

I’m just reiterating these benefits here. You can go out and have dinner for one at the base. Again, check this out. This is like a reframe the whole conversation. Like at this point they’re thinking about prices. But if I reframe that so that, hey, you can spend it on like a basic dinner or you can buy something that can make you thousands of dollars, like it’s a no brainer restaurant, or you can get yourself a full email sequence perfect for selling digital products online for just twenty-eight dollars and. Do it risk-free. It’s a no brainer. Click the button below and let the third call to action with signs that said basically here, people can even click this. This is, again, from Wistia. They get taken to the checkout page and they can enter the information. They can choose diers as well. They can even add a bump offer which complements this really well. So still my ultimate copywriting I bought this has like two thousand plus pages of various samples, emails, long-form sales pages, Facebook ads, vessels, everything.

Yeah, it’s and for twenty-eight or twenty-nine dollars, it’s not a lot. So yeah. Basically, that is the video. Make sure to follow the rough formula because this is quite universal and it will work for pretty much anything. And remember, you don’t have to make this an ugly style video sales letter. You can make it a simple ad hoc video.

You don’t even have to memorize any script. You just follow the same type of formula or you can script it out and read it from a teleprompter yourself. Or you can hire actors to do it for you. The sky’s the limit. But if you follow this, I promise you’ll get much better results. And don’t worry about this whole video marketing thing being complicated. I know it sounds intimidating, but it’s not that bad, actually.

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