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The funnel approach, or the visual representation of your marketing and sales funnels, goes a long way toward curbing avoidable customer loss in the sales funnel. With a well-drawn funnel, you can quickly identify the most common exit points for potential customers and try to correct them.

The funnel approach is not a tactic used only before a purchase is made. It needs to be reviewed occasionally or on an ad hoc basis to provide a clear picture of your business’s marketing and sales fronts.

It is always recommended to remain abreast of general market fluctuations and trends. Still, if you ignore your contribution to your company’s performance, you are killing yourself from the inside out.

The funnel approach uses sales and marketing funnels to track customer journeys from the moment they learn of your product’s existence to the time they request a quote, place an order, or schedule an appointment with you.

Why should you choose SurveyFunnel for WordPress?

SurveyFunnel is a receptive WordPress survey plugin for creating surveys, questionnaires, polls, and feedback. It is created to pique the curiosity of web visitors and get them to complete a survey or quiz, which ultimately leads to an increase in conversion rates and overall profits.

By targeting specific details of your web visitors, you can position your offers and content to best suit them as individuals. The complete survey/quiz functionality is entirely intuitive. All you require is to establish the preferences, enter your survey and questions, add your autoresponder information, and you’re done.

With this plugin, you can be as straightforward or as advanced as you want. It is excellent for use on niche sites, marketing sites, Adsense sites, CPA sites, content sites, sales sites, etc.

SurveyFunnel is a preferred WordPress survey plugin that, when used properly, can help you gather valuable insights about your website visitors. If you ask the best questions when a visitor lands on your website and direct them to the appropriate content or offer, your chances of conversion skyrocket.

You can even utilize the information you gather to add each visitor to a specific email list that meets their needs and send targeted offers that the visitor will appreciate (and not ignore).

There are three methods to display a survey on your website with SurveyFunnel:

  • As a side slider
  • Embedded in a post or page
  • Triggered with a click on an image
  • Survey plugin for WordPress Features:
  • Compatible with handheld devices
  • Complements your existing theme
  • Add polls to pages/posts with shortcodes.
  • Built-in theme designer
  • Place the poll as a sidebar, widget, or page.
  • Support for multiple pages
  • You can set up polls on category pages.
  • Compatible with multiple websites
  • You can use HTML special characters.
  • Use the survey header for your branding by adding images, videos, and company logos.
  • Integrates with video clip sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler. 
  • Use HTML in the content area.
  • Segment traffic right into different lists based on options selected by users
  • Export reports on survey results to a spreadsheet.
  • Powerful analysis features
  • Notification to the administrator about each completed survey

Selection of the best survey funnel software Ryan Levesque

Use Riddle’s quiz builder to support Ryan Levesque’s “Ask Method.” That is a powerful method for using quizzes and surveys to convert leads into sales.

The Ask Method: quizzes transform your email list into a gold mine . We’re all surrounded by hundreds of ads every day. Ironically, most of them are entirely ineffective for a straightforward reason.

The Ask Method is different: it uses quizzes and surveys to get prospects to tell you what they want.

It turns easy readers into active participants -and is an effective way to get your potential customers to give you information so you can use it:

  • You can pre-qualify each user who takes your quiz as a lead based on their answers.
  • Ask specific questions to find out essential buying signals.
  • Categorize each lead into specific areas and receive customized messages.

Ryan Levesque is a master at putting people through a series of surveys and quizzes. Each lead receives a personalized sales message tailored to their specific wants and needs based on the results.

The prospect is engaged through this “ask, ask ” strategy. The result? Using the question method negates the old-fashioned strategy of bombarding each lead with the same sales message. That is why Ryan Levesque’s quiz funnel is so popular it’s simple, and it works.

How to create a Kartra survey funnel 

Kartra is a tool that lets you create surveys, polls, and quizzes with an instant feedback system. It also has a built-in analytics dashboard that lets you analyze the results of your surveys.

A step-by-step guide to creating a kartra survey funnel.

1- Create your survey questions

To create a survey, you first need to design the questions. There are two types of questions – open-ended and closed-ended. Open-ended questions allow respondents to give a free response, while closed-ended questions are usually multiple-choice.

  •  What is your favorite movie?
  •  What is your favorite drink?
  •  How many hours do you spend on social media each day?
  •  What is your favorite country?
  • Do you like roses?
  • What color is your dress?
  • Who do you think will win the 2018 World Cup?

To produce quality content, copywriters need to stay in tune with their audience. That is where surveys come into play. Surveys allow you to gather feedback on what readers are looking for. In this step, add questions based on the type of audience you want to reach.

2- Create your kart survey campaign

To create a one-click survey campaign, all you need is a list of keywords. Once you have selected the list of keywords, you can start creating your survey! You can use the keyword tool in the dashboard to find relevant keywords for your business.

The first step is to choose the survey method you want to use:

  • Text-based surveys (e.g. text box).
  •  Image-based surveys (e.g., image gallery)
  •  Video-based surveys (e.g., video gallery)
  • Step 3: Add questions to the survey that are tailored to your audience

When you start analyzing your website, you should think about asking the survey questions. The questions need to be placed so that the respondent doesn’t have to scroll through pages and options to do extra work. For example, you might have some landing pages to ask questions about specific topics.

3- Add your email list, landing pages, and social media channels

This section is about the different types of content you should have to promote your brand and business.

Email list: An email list is a checklist of people who have opted to receive marketing emails from you. It is a valuable asset to your business and can be used for lead generation, customer acquisition, and retention.

Social networks: social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., are essential platforms for marketing your brand or product. They are also helpful in getting feedback from customers and prospects about your product or service quality.

Landing Page: Landing pages are websites where visitors can quickly and easily learn about the products or services you offer before they decide to buy or sign up for your newsletter.

4- Create a set of offers for each recipient.

This content aims to show a sequence of offers for each recipient. The sequence should prompt the recipient to make a purchase or sign up for a service.

The first offer should be an introductory offer that piques the recipient’s interest and gets them to click on the following link. The second offer should be more specific and include more information about the recipient is getting into. Third, there should be a binding offer that entices the recipient to act now before it’s too late. And finally, there needs to be an incentive that motivates them to act now before they miss out.

A sequence of offers can help you give your audience an idea of what you are offering and how it can help them in their daily lives.

5- Create incentives for people who have not yet participated in surveys

Surveys are a great way to determine what people want and what they think. They are also a great way to collect data for marketing purposes.

With surveys, there are many ways to incentivize participation. For example, you can offer a discount or reward for completing the survey. You can also offer an incentive if the survey is shared with others.

6- Set up your marketing automation tool to automatically send emails to people who complete the form

Marketing automation tools are becoming increasingly popular these days. They help businesses and marketers save time and energy by automating sending emails to people who fill out their forms.

Marketing automation tools allow marketers to manage the marketing process better and take advantage of potential customers. They can also help businesses reach new customers, generate leads, and track conversions.

Find more survey funnel examples

You can use a survey funnel to improve your eCommerce business or use it in a B2B environment. It is just a matter of asking the right questions. You can use Survey funnels both online and in a real business. However, the execution will be a bit different. In-store employees usually do it, but intelligent signage can also help in some cases.

For example, if you are a fitness business, you might decide to segment your emails by those who work out regularly and are dieting and those who work out sporadically and struggle with their diet.

We believe that getting to know your customers are the best way to attract more leads. SurveyFunnel is a simple and powerful drag-and-drop WordPress survey program whose methods are used by top marketers to increase conversion rates by 450%.

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