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Optin Page Scripts

An optin page allows visitors of a page to opt in for or sign up for updates, news, offers, etc from a website that may eventually lead them to partake in a transactional relationship. However, visitors may also opt out once they’ve signed up and this is the kind of thing you’ll want to prevent.

The main purpose of an optin page is two-fold: to capture leads that enable you to market to people in the future, or to “warm up” potential customers to the product you are trying to sell to them before sending them further into your sales funnel.

Optin pages are still considered one of the best online methods for converting prospects into customers or clients. A critical part of the process begins, however, before a single email is sent. You’ve got to get people on your list in the first place. That includes writing a professional and captivative optin page script. Visit to learn more.There are various things to consider as a marketer before you rush onto creating an opt-in page. What group of people are you targeting and what exactly are you expecting from them? What is your ultimate objective by making them sign-up? Do you want your visitors to simply read free mail that you’re sending them, or do you want them to eventually sign up for an offer?

This might seem complicated for the average person, so if you need opt-in forms implemented in your website, then contact us at We offer a range of services to give your business the online presence it deserves, allowing you to focus on the rest of your business.

Once you have that figured out you’re headed one step in the direction that your goal lies. Now you can organize and design your templates according to your objective. Ideally, you want to populate your mailing list so that your chances of a signed deal increase. So your opt-in form has to be as direct and inviting as possible.

Most people want an incentive — also known as a lead magnet — to sign up for your email list. This free offer “leads” them into a funnel where you eventually promote your paid offerings.

Message match is an essential part of an optin page model. That is, the ability of your landing page to reinforce the messaging presented on the link that was clicked to reach the page. A good number of visitors are impatient and will leave your page within a few seconds of visiting it if you don’t reinforce their intent with a matching headline and purpose (quickly and clearly).

The difference between a good and a bad message is what will keep a visitor glued to your site and sign up for that special offer.

How it Works

Optin Page Scripts Templates

If you purchase a template it will be send to you so you can edit it in any way you like.

Custom Optin Page Scripts

If you have ordered custom Optin Page Scripts, here's how My Sales Script works, in a nutshell.
Step one

We Listen

This means we stop and take time to understand you, your needs, and your goals from the beginning. This makes every other step in the process easier!

Step Two

We Prepare

Taking the information you’ve provided us with, we engage with your content and prepare for your project by ensuring the scope, direction, and story are clearly defined and approved by you.

Step Three

We Create

This is the fun part. You sit back and relax while our 100% US-based team uses our years of experience gained over thousands of projects to create something great for you!

Step Four

You Provide Feedback

You’ll receive your new sales script in draft form and be given the opportunity provide feedback on it. Many of our clients don’t require any adjustments on this draft, but it’s okay if you do. We welcome your feedback!

Step Five

We Perfect

With your feedback we make any necessary adjustments. No one’s perfect, but when we’re done, your sales script will be Perfect! That’s because, by the time we reach this final step in the process, your every need will have been address and considered to create the sales script YOU set out to create – perfect for it’s new purpose and use.

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