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We will introduce the sales letter. This is a very common type of letter You will use it when you work in the company one of the most. Common jobs as a new graduate are sales every company needs a lot of sales so we have to write sales letters put them in emails and send them to potential customers. We need to remember the purpose of the sales letter. That is how to attract customers, maybe buy it now, maybe buy it later if they are interested so sales letter are a good way to attract customers. This is not easy to write because of the success rate of persuading the other party, depending on what you know about the other person, the more you know, the other person’s needs the easier it is to convince him.

Let’s take a look at the content of the sales letter:

Generally speaking, a sales letter is best to attract the other party’s attention immediately. That is directly use the letter to convey the message you want to express to the customer or the other party. If your company is lucky to have a list of previous customers, then you can write to them, say “. we have new products which may be something you are interested in .”. This is a good way to attract attention.

You can also have a list of potential customers. If you know more information or buy information about them, you can use this list to contact them. In most instances, if you don’t know the information about the other party, a sales letter is the most difficult to write. So we need to know some information in advance. If you write to another company on behalf of a company then it’s very important to know the other party’s business in advance. Then you try to explain why the other party should consider using your product, why your service is beneficial to their business. “I know you, I know what you are doing now. I can provide your company with the services or products you need, and both of us are profitable.” This is the meaning of the sales letter. Let me digress slightly, Provide some strategies for writing sales letters. I will start with ABCD to illustrate these four directions. Every letter has its meaning.

Let’s take a look. A means to attract attention. B is to build interest. C is to create desire, and D is to facilitate and explain the purchase method (define action). The 4 attract, build, create and define mentioned above are sometimes difficult. Let me give some examples.

Attract Attention:

Attract attention refers to attracting my attention. I saw something and said, “Wow, it’s funny.” If you walk down the street, when you see a huge sign, or you hear loud music, your attention is easily attracted.

Build Interest:

Build interest refers to continuously telling me some facts that appeal to me, which makes me more and more interested.

Create Desire:

Create desire, which refers to what I really want to buy.


D defines action tells me how to buy.

These four things are quite different. Each of them is engaged in the sales process. First, I focus on something, It is the attraction of A. Then I said, “Well it’s funny, I understand. “This is B, build interest.

And C is actually thinking, Do I want to invest money in this product, because I think there will be real benefits in the future. If I spent 1000, I will get a return of more than 1,000 in the future, so it has investment value for me. This is creating desire. This is a special sale, I feel good, but I haven’t bought it in the past.

But today there is a special price code, which is C, creating desire. Maybe this is the phone I want to buy, which was too expensive for me before. But this week we have a special 30% off. Well, I am interested. I have always wanted to buy, but I never wanted to spend money. Why? Because the price is too expensive. It is much cheaper now, so you can buy it in a special way. This is C, create desire.

How do you buy Define action? Where do you need to buy it? Where do you need to spend? How to do it? So the above description hopes to help you understand, When you write a sales letter, you need to pay attention to what principles to follow. The sales letter is divided into three paragraphs. Each paragraph will have its theme. I will now take you to review what principles A, B, C, and D need to pay attention to.

Let’s take a look at the first paragraph. First of all, here is an example of the first paragraph. For the first paragraph, you need to have a straightforward opening. That is, you have to have a very clear sentence to break the question. Here, we can see that the opening sentence is presented as a question. This is a very common way in sales letters, In the sales letter, when people ask, “Do you need anything?” Have you encountered difficulties and setbacks? Do you want to improve on something? Don’t you want to improve the appearance? Don’t want to feel better? Don’t you want to speed up the execution of work? Such problems. For example, someone is selling motorcycles. Is this x-100 motorcycle important to you? We know that this customer has bought the same product before. And now, we plan to sell him another locomotive, and this locomotive is related to his first. It is a kind of personalized sales. Which is what you wrote at the beginning of the first paragraph, I think you know what I need, you know what the product I bought before.

This is the beginning of a good sales letter. Let’s look at an example of a local case: “I understand your needs.” This is a good example. Because you bought this magazine before, “I know you are a reader of World Magazine, and you are very interested in reading articles related to social development.” So I actively promote to recipients, “I know you have bought this product before, I also know that only intellectuals like publications like World Magazine. So you must be an intellectual, and we have another product suitable for you. “So in the first paragraph, To use this A way to promote sales. That is, get attention. What is the best method? That is “I understand you, I know some of your needs.” Now you must be careful, don’t behave weirdly, and then say you know something about the other person.

This will cause disgust because of excessive pushing of the stream. The right thing to do is information about some of your customers, You say you know what the customers needs are. Attract the other persons attention, This is how you write the sales letter at the beginning.

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