My Sales Script - Webinar In A Box

My Sales Script -
Webinar In A Box

Extremely Limited Super Special

Completely Free No Strings Attached Fill In The Blanks Professional Sales Letter Template

Get the "Webinar in a Box" we utilize to introduce evergreen occasions with attendance rates over 60%

How we get started with just 1 - 2 days of work and convert 3-5% of attendees with this fill-in-the-blank Webinar In A Box Template Package

The 2021 Webinar In A Box Template Pack has 52+ web pages of tried and tested webinar design templates, checklists, and overviews, including a webinar script and strategy that audiences love (ad networks love this authentic value strategy even more!).

Fill in the blanks and let the script, email sequences, landing page templates, slide deck, and more do all the work – Don’t wait any longer! Just add offer details: you’ll be ready to go in just 1 – 2 days.

"We know we have to get a product to market ... But it takes forever to put it all together."

Do you have a recommendation for a product, proposal, or presentation (or maybe an old proposal that needs refreshing) sitting in the room for a while, but it’s just too much work to get it all together to launch

Good news. You’ve come to the right place.

We have a HUGE package of proven webinar funnel templates that you might want to check out (yes, HUGE, it's all you need).

We call it the Webinar In A Box template pack because all you need to do is fill out the Templates, Advertise your webinar, Narrate your presentation (and nail it!), Grow your sales, and Optimize your process to become evergreen and attract customers 24/7/365.

It includes everything you need to create, promote, launch and optimize a successful webinar in 2021.

This is not just the script. It’s a complete webinar-in-a-box plus the over-the-shoulder training and tools you need to bring it to life.

But before we give it to you and try it out, let’s talk about what “webinar-in-a-box” really means…

How quickly could you go from idea to customer if all you had to do was fill in the blanks?

Here’s a checklist of what you need to start a webinar…

That’s a long list of work! Don’t stress, you don’t have to do any of it!

Here's what we've done to make things quick and easy...

We wrote a complete webinar launch for you, using the same process we use with our 1-on-1 clients who achieve 60% attendance rates and 5% conversion rates on high-priced offers and services.

Then we created templates for everything: the script, the slides, the emails, the sales page… just everything! We want to invite you to get the templates and try them out!

Join a Webinar In A Box and create all the assets you need in just 1-2 days

Imagine taking an old proposal with a tired, worn, or outdated sales presentation and freshening it up with a fresh approach – with just a half-day or two spent filling out a few templates.

Imagine how quickly you could start from scratch with an already proven framework…

Or maybe you need the final ideas to bring a new launch to life by filling out a few templates to help you…

Creating a wildly successful webinar doesn’t need to take weeks and months of work now that you have the…

Webinar In A Box Template Pack

This fill-in-the-blank template pack includes everything you require to create, promote, and launch a successful webinar in 2021

For Only $47! Get Everything Above And Much More In The Webinar In A Box Template Pack. Get All The Templates, Your Following Webinar Script, Sales Pages, Ads, Emails, And More...

Here’s What it’s Like to “Webinar In A Box”

Hurry, Special Discount Offer Ends Soon!

“Webinar In A Box” Your Way to What’s Working in 2021.

We call this the Webinar In A Box template pack because all you need to do is fill in the Templates, Advertise your webinar, Narrate (and nail!) your presentation, Grow your sales, and Optimize your process so you can go evergreen.

But this is about more than templates! It’s a new script, strategy, and presentation style that’s made for how today’s audiences respond.

Fake webinars aren’t working anymore – so that’s NOT what this is about.

You know just as well as we do that prospects have seen all the false scarcity, “free training” with ZERO real value tricks, and sleazy sales move from 2008.

Audiences Love this Presentation Style (Ad Networks Love It Even More!)

Isn’t it time to get with the times and make your webinar work again? What works right now is an authentic connection between you and your prospects.

The objective, an authentic connection, will get you every step of the way with this template webinar system! The script, emails, ads, landing pages, and sales materials in this template package promote a story-driven sales presentation that increases genuine engagement and leads to conversions.

It’s in the HOW and WHY behind the copy in the funnel. It’s in the framing of the presentation. It’s a different way of writing sales pages, opt-in pages, and even the flow of email sequences.

It’s the structure, the frame, the conclusion, and all the pieces in between. And it’s working well right now, at a time when people need that authentic connection. No more fake sales tactics. Just genuine, honest values.

️There is a HUGE ADVANTAGE of this webinar system because if you can’t advertise because your advertising platform doesn’t like what you’re doing, you can’t scale (your future customers will love this original webinar method too).

And remember, a script and strategy are included. But…

This is More than a “Webinar Script.”
Get Templates for EVERY Step of the Way…

1. Advertise

4 unique ads templates are included.

2. Registration

Just ad details to the consisted sign-up page.

3. “Show Up”

You’ll get the 60% “Show Up” sequence.

4. Webinar

Script + Slide Deck for a genuine, value-packed presentation.

5. Sales Page

It’s done in an hour or two. No wondering what to write.

6. Follow-Up

All the e-mails needed to follow up, and close are supplied.

Stop Waiting to Launch and Just Fill-in the Blanks!

Save So Much Time

Imagine how promptly you’ll be able to stand up and run now that all you need to do is fill in the blanks.

Take a suggestion to launch in just a few days now that you don’t have to wait to get all the web pages, emails, and even the presentation ready.

Prospects Love the “Webinar In A Box”

Webinars that work now, in 2021, connect. You create an actual path between the offer and the customer.

How do you create that? Well, it’s in the HOW and WHY behind your funnel. It’s in the framework of the presentation. It’s a different way of writing sales pages, opt-in pages, and even the flow of email sequences.

Convert with Confidence

For each step, you’ll have a checklist, video training guide, and template to keep you calm and confident as you create the webinar of your dreams.

It’s like having your private dance instructor guide you through each step at your perfect pace.

Here’s What You Get Inside
My Sales Script “Webinar In A Box” Template Pack…

You Get A Complete Template Package For A Webinar-Style Launch. Ads, Registration Page, Script, Email Follow Up, And Even All The Pages You Need - It's All There!
An Entire Webinar Funnel… Just Fill-in-the-Blanks and Launch

This "Webinar In A Box" Template Pack has everything you need for a successful webinar launch:

Ad Templates to Attract Prospects
Registration Page Template
The 60% “Show Up” Sequence
Post-Webinar Follow Up Emails
Fill-in-the-Blank Sales Page Template
6-Step Funnel Template & More!

"Webinar In A Box" Your path to a high converting webinar in 2021

The Webinar In A Box Template Pack is more than a collection of templates.

The good news is that these modifications present HUGE opportunities for savvy marketers willing to make a few changes.

Just fill in the templates, show up to your webinar, and present the slides.

Check Inside the “Webinar In A Box” Template Pack

4 Social Media Ad Templates + Registration Page

Maximize registrations and ensure your event is filled with highly qualified, IDEAL potential customers and clients – and keep out the time-wasters and poor fits.

You’ll Get the Proven Templates to Do It

Get the 60% “Show-Up” Email Sequence

Pre-launch email templates build anticipation and create more show-ups. Maximize show-ups and bring the excitement to boiling point!

Here it is! (The Slides are Done Too)

"Webinar In A Box" Script + Presentation Slides

Ensure your audience is captivated and hanging on to every word from the first moment without relying on worn-out sales tactics.

Just Fill-In the Included Template.

Every Page Needed for a Webinar Launch

Every step of the way, you’ll have a checklist, video training guide, and template to keep you calm and confident as you build the webinar of your dreams.

The Fortune is in this Follow Up Sequence

9 Email Follow-Up Sequence

This follow-up sequence makes the best use of conversions by responding to arguments in a simple, personal, and accurate means – without coming across as sleazy or salesy.

You Need to Launch Right Now! Only $47

Simply fill out the templates, show up to your webinar and present the slides.

365-Day Money Back Guarantee

One last thing you should know…

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know it can feel risky to buy something online – even something you know could change the game for you.

We offer a “Love It Or Leave It” guarantee.

Either you love The Webinar In A Box 100%, or you get every penny back.

Not only that, but we’ll give you a full year to try it out (multiple times, even!) and make sure it’s true love – not just steamy chemistry on the dance floor – so you can confidently take the time you need to nail down every step.

All we ask is that you give it a fair shot and show us that you did every step exactly as we showed you.

Sound fair?

Awesome! Then let’s do it!

This is what you can expect in the "Webinar In A Box" webinar Template Package

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is this only $47?

Ready for my deepest, darkest secret?

We help people create and scale profitable webinars that sell products, services, and software *without* the sleazy tactics (like using fake scarcity, fake auto webinars, and the things that get your account disapproved on Facebook).

Okay. Here’s no secret.

Here’s the real secret:

This little $47 thing is how we attract my dream clients. If you’re watching this and reading this far, there’s a good chance you’re one of them.

Here’s the deal:

This proven webinar launch strategy uses the same techniques we would use if we were writing your webinar launch for you (it costs a lot more than $47).

If you like what you see, we’ll assume you ask for my help.

We know there’s a good chance that if you use these templates and they work, you’ll want to talk to us more about how we can help you with your next webinar launch.

We fully realize that not everyone who buys this will hire us. We only need one or two out of 100 to ask us for help. And you know what? It happens.

How many templates do we get?

A ton.

There are 52 pages of design templates, tools, and checklists. There’s a preparation checklist to help you clarify what you have to offer.

There’s a webinar slide template – add details, and you have a finished presentation.

There’s a registration page (the opt-in page), the recap page, all the necessary sales pages like the sales page itself (complete as a template), the checkout page, the thank you page, and more.

You also get templates for social media ads. There are 4 of them. My favorite is the “What NOT to Do” ad. A pretty nifty trick if you ask us (and FB loves engagement).

Sign-up confirmation email templates, pre-launch email templates to build buzz and increase the 60% participation rate, and follow-up emails to increase conversion rates.

We’re sure we missed something, but we think you get the point.

EVERYTHING you need to start a webinar and make it evergreen if you want.

Do you show us how to use the templates?

Over the shoulder, training is included. We have you!

What does “Webinar In A Box” mean?

We call this the Webinar In A Box template package because all you have to do is fill out the templates, promote your webinar, deliver your presentation (and hit it full on!), increase your sales and
Streamline your process so you can become Evergreen.

But this is about more than just templates!

It’s about a new script, a new strategy, and a new presentation style tailored to the way today’s audiences respond.

Webinars don’t work anymore. Go away!

It is a funny joke, and that is not a question.

They are going away.

Webinars still work. It’s terrible tactics and questionable funnels that don’t work.

The people who continue to put out “fake” live webinars, false scarcity, and “free training” with ZERO value as if it were 2008 are the ones who will find themselves dead in the water (or simply unable to promote their stuff anymore because it looks like a scam).

We’re making a tweak to webinars here to make them work.
This tweak is an authentic connection.

Yes, it is that simple.

Are these templates super-duper base like they teach in all those marketing bro books?

Yes, we don’t drive a Lambo that we rented in my YouTube commercial.

Is that enough info for you?

Do you know what else we don’t like?

Everybody has a book with some master strategy, but it’s always up to you to develop ideas on implementing what you learn.

This “Webinar In A Box” template pack does it all for you.

Can we use this even if we already have a product or offer up and running?

For sure!

These design templates are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G for split testing different things you want to try.

Or you can relaunch an old, worn-out offering as if it were brand new with minimal time and resources.

We are marketers, high-ticket coaches, online educators, gymnastics champions, underwater basket weavers.... will this work for us?

This webinar strategy and the “Webinar In A Box” template package will work as long as you have an offer, product, or service that helps people.

If you help people and sell that help, it works.

What if we don’t love it?

We can’t personally see why you would hate this so much you would need your $47 investment back, simply because it is so packed with value that you can use it repeatedly that it doesn’t make much sense.


A full 1-year money-back guarantee backs everything. A quick e-mail is all it takes, and we won’t argue with you about a $47 refund.

"Webinar-in-a-Box" takes all the work out of your next launch