Why do you need a Hero Funnel?

In case you missed the news: Websites are dead. It’s getting harder and harder to find a website where anyone has anything to say. They’re just not necessary anymore. A website used to be your piece of land in the virtual world. It was a way to make a mark.

With the advent of social media, you can have a presence anywhere, anytime. But it was short-lived. Instant access, immediacy, and communication have meant that homepages are no longer seen as something prehistoric.

And yet, there are still plenty of people who ask, “Do you have a website?” and leave you stunned.

There is nothing you can do on a home page for a website. Anything you would do on a website, you can instantly do better through advertising, social media, or many other ways. But this is where the Hero web page can serve a purpose for you. Since many people expect this page, you can use it.

A Hero Funnel serves to meet expectations and serve a purpose for your business strategies. Through the Hero Page, people get to know you, and you have the opportunity to direct them to a funnel, your social media page, your blog, or wherever else you want to send them. The key, however, is to capture the emails of all visitors to your page. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel!

Who is a Hero Funnel good for?

A Hero Funnel is suitable for anyone who has a personality in front of what they are selling. When people ask you, “Do you have a website?” and they know you don’t have a physical product, they expect to place an order. So if you have people who don’t expect an order form when they type your name into the URL field, then a Hero Funnel is the way to go.

It is where you tell people your story, your origin. It’s a place where they can get to know you. That’s why it’s suitable for anyone who wants to captivate people with charisma and a story.

Here you are the hero, not your service, not your product, and not your coaching. Here you are the center of attention. That is YOUR HOUSE!

But if you want to check something off your list, you are one of the following:

  • An author
  • A speaker
  • A coach
  • A consultant
  • An e-commerce guru/a guru-in-training
  • A business-to-business salesperson
  • A network/affiliate marketer
  • Someone who provides a professional service (photographers, designers, decorators, etc.)

These businesses are great for a Hero Funnel because here you are, the man or woman of the hour. That is all about you, and you want people to fall in love with you. You want them to understand your background and where you come from. But most of all, you want them to believe in your credibility and value. That is how it’s done, folks! With your Hero Funnel!

What makes a Hero Funnel?

A Hero Funnel is straightforward to build. It’s just two sides with a clickpop! There’s a reason we encourage new Funnel Hackers to build one.

So, to simplify, here are the nuts and bolts of what makes a Hero Funnel.

A Hero Page is quite simple. It has a great headline, a powerful subheadline, usually a video, and then some excellent text that sums it all up for people who may not have 5 minutes to watch your video.

While you’re talking about yourself and why you’re great on your Hero Page, you also have a place for them to follow you with their email. You can attach an offer, such as “Get my free e-book now” or a report. But you also want to have links to everything else you offer on the web. They want access to everything you have, right there! So if you have a YouTube channel, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, etc., you should have access to everything.

If they click on anything that takes them away from that page, it will pop up a ClickPop, a simple popup that says, Hey wait, stay in touch, amigo! Enter your email address here!

The Hero Funnel thank you page

The thank-you page in the Hero Funnel should be used as an opportunity.

The concept of a Hero Funnel is to introduce yourself and build trust with your audience. It’s good to have a way to let people know how they’ll get their results when you offer one in your Hero Funnel. Still, aside from that, you should make the value you will offer people evident before they even get to your paid sales funnel. If you make a paid offer at the end of the funnel, that can detract from the experience, but you can do other things.

You’ve already captured their email address so that you can sell them things later.

Right now, it would be best if you focused on providing value. Use the space on your thank you page to give people a free guide or ask them to subscribe to your podcast, where you share free advice, tips, and resources.

Start a strong relationship, and your higher conversion rate in your sales funnel will thank you later.

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