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We Create Amazing, Completely Done For You Bespoke Sales Copy Using AI To Leverage The Collective Minds Of The All-Time Greatest Copywriters. We Also Provide Super Quick And Easy Fill In The Blanks Professional Sales Funnels And Sales Script Templates.

Completely Free No Strings Attached Fill In The Blanks Professional Sales Letter Template helps entrepreneurs and business owners grow their business by providing high converting sales copy to make more sales.

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Completely Free No Strings Attached Fill In The Blanks Professional Sales Letter Template

To: Action taking business owners wanting to sell MORE of their products & services

Surprisingly, the most significant difference between superstar products and services – the ones selling millions and becoming household names – and those that fail miserably have almost nothing to do with the quality of what’s being sold.

In the business game, yes, high-quality products are essential. Still, without explaining the value and benefit of that product to your audience better than your competition, the harsh reality is you will lose, and your competitors will crush you

Writing compelling sales copy that gets customers to take action is your golden ticket to getting whatever you could dream of in life.

When creating your sales message, you have two basic options:

First, write the sales copy yourself.

Or Second, hire a traditional professional copywriter to write for you.

First, writing compelling sales copy is challenging work. The world’s best copywriters dedicated their lives… spending hundreds and hundreds of hours developing and perfecting that skill.

You run your business. Do you have the time OR motivation to spend learning how – and then actually writing – that killer sales copy? Even if you have the time and motivation, are you confident that you could learn how? Would you do a better job than a seasoned professional? If not, then you have the option of hiring a professional copywriter.

Second, hiring a copywriter can be very expensive. Cheap writers charge $1,500+ for a long-form sales letter or script. Average copywriters charge $4,000-$6,000. Now excellent copywriters charge $10,000 and up, often over $20,000. All for just one sales letter… Don’t get me wrong, and it can be worth it – if, and it is a big if, that letter converts well and makes you more money than you invested – but even the very best copywriters in the entire world don’t hit home run after home run.

At we’ve been marketing online since 2005.

Everything we wrote about here are things we have experienced – for over a decade – for what works online and what does not.

So, where does that leave you?

It leaves you wasting time and money, probably wishing you knew how to do it all yourself!

Now… you can purchase copywriting books from the copywriting superstars.

But… with the courses, there are even more problems:​


You have to invest real money in these courses and books. It’s still an investment that is entirely dependent on you reading, absorbing, and crucially… implementing!


It takes a considerable amount of time. Maybe a week if you’re fast. At least a month if you’re not. And way, way longer if you actually plan to take notes and deeply study the strategies. And you still have to write it yourself.

And lastly...

Unfortunately, becoming a great copywriter takes practice and LOTS of it to become good (not even great). It does not just happen by magic after reading a book or taking a course.

And probably the biggest problem of all…

You have to practice, not just writing something quietly privately in your room; you need to write and write and get it out to the world, to your potential clients, to see if anyone takes the action you want them to. Will they buy your product? Will they sign up for your event?

Copywriting isn’t a skill that’s learned overnight – that’s why there are very few genuinely GREAT copywriters. It takes time and money as you figure out what works and what doesn’t.

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Using the latest cutting edge artificial intelligence

Once there were only two options for getting effective sales to copywriting.

1. Hire a traditional copywriter


2. Learn how to write your own sales copy

NO LONGER are there only two options…

I have a 3rd - completely done for you - Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven option!

Now, just like in the world of sports, where there are the all-time greats who’ve been inducted into the Hall Of Fame, the same holds for Copywriting.

These guys have written sales copy that has generated HUNDREDS of millions of dollars. Some close to a billion! That’s Billion with a capital “B”! A dozen copywriters don’t just talk the talk, but they walk the walk.

Hall Of Fame Copywriters. I have learned the legends and continue to learn SO much from them, and you should too.

Now, let me ask you a question:

I’m discussing the greatest copywriters the world has ever known! How would you like us to channel the brains of these Hall Of Fame Copywriters, allowing us to create ridiculously effective sales copy especially for you… using proven copywriting formulas developed and honed throughout the years?

Extremely Limited Super Special

Completely Free No Strings Attached Fill In The Blanks Professional Sales Letter Template

Well, today you can:

Using the latest cutting-edge artificial intelligence, we leverage the minds of the world’s best copywriters to personally create insanely effective sales copy that gets your visitors to take action… changing your world… all the while putting more money in your pocket!

We will create unique, entirely done-for-you sales copy using AI to leverage the collective minds of the all-time greatest copywriters. We specialize in creating powerful:

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Once you have ordered your scripts, here's how My Sales Script works, in a nutshell:

Step one

We Listen

This means we stop and take time to understand you, your needs, and your goals from the beginning. This makes every other step in the process easier!

Step Two

We Prepare

Taking the information you’ve provided us with, we engage with your content and prepare for your project by ensuring the scope, direction, and story are clearly defined and approved by you.

Step Three

We Create

This is the fun part. You sit back and relax while our 100% US-based team uses our years of experience gained over thousands of projects to create something great for you!

Step Four

You Provide Feedback

You’ll receive your new sales script in draft form and be given the opportunity provide feedback on it. Many of our clients don’t require any adjustments on this draft, but it’s okay if you do. We welcome your feedback!

Step Five

We Perfect

With your feedback we make any necessary adjustments. No one’s perfect, but when we’re done, your sales script will be Perfect! That’s because, by the time we reach this final step in the process, your every need will have been address and considered to create the sales script YOU set out to create – perfect for it’s new purpose and use.

And that's it!

It is that simple and crazy effective! After all, it makes sense, right?

I’ve taken the hundreds of thousands of dollars of copywriting courses and books that I’ve purchased over the past 15+ years and developed this brand new product that leverages the copywriting formulas built by the world’s greatest known copywriters.

People that I owe much of my success.

And when you take these proven formulas developed by proven copywriters… what do you get?

Something that not only works but works INSANELY well… guaranteed, or you don’t owe me a dime.

If you’re not 1 million percent satisfied with my Mysalesscript, I don’t want or deserve your money.

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Some of our amazing clients

It’s not easy for me to do my own marketing. I know what I want to say I just don’t know how to put it on paper to make it look presentable and catching to the eye. That’s what Mysalesscript helps me do and I love it!

Dong Wang


All-round professional and friendly service. I am very happy I purchased it a month ago. I love the customer, support thank you MysalesScript team.

Hua Han


I just start with Mysalesscript but  the support is fast and professional, Great product! It’s great to have copywriting tools to increase conversions. Amazing service., amazing software ., well done

Jana Schaefer

Support Service Manager

Mysalesscript is the best with some really useful benefits especially if you’re like me and just getting started in learning to sell online. You won’t be disappointed with their service. I can guarantee it!

John R. Bilodeau

Veterinary Technologist

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