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Webinar Promo Material

A webinar promo is an engaging online event where a speaker, or small group of speakers, deliver a presentation to a large audience who participate by submitting questions, responding to polls and using other available interactive tools.

A combination of the words “web” and “seminar”, a webinar is more of a video workshop, lecture, or presentation hosted online using webinar software. Often business-related, these sessions can be used to share knowledge, ideas, and updates with people around the world. Webina promo materials can also be leveraged to build and nurture relationships, build authority around a brand, or demonstrate a product.

Even though webinar promo have been here for a long time, with the continuous rise of video content’s popularity in marketing, web presentations are the way to go. If you’re new to webinar promo marketing, read along and find out how can be of help.

The purpose of a webinar promo is up to the host, but the options to choose from are on a wide spectrum. This means that the tools you use to launch your webinar have to be flexible enough to provide you with features that will keep your audience engaged, no matter the topic. And has the expertise to help you launch a professional webinar promo material as per your needs and audience.

Below are some of the many ways that you can use a webinar promo material no matter what industry you’re in.

Present your newest product

It doesn’t make much sense to expect all of your customers to book a flight to your conference every time you launch a new product. Asking them for an hour of their time online to showcase your latest creation is a lot more manageable.

Taking the time to have a discussion with your viewers and answer each question they ask can reassure current customers that they’re in good hands while also pushing leads down the pipeline towards purchase.

Position yourself as the expert

Hosting a webinar around a topic – whether it’s related to how to code a website or mental health – puts the presenter on a virtual pedestal. While some of those registrants choose to attend for support, many of your attendees are tuning in to hear what you have to say as a thought leader.

Even if your webinar is free, they’re still giving you their contact information and time out of their day to hear what you have to say. Registrants trust that you’re delivering information that is valuable, unique, and interesting.

Engage your audience

Webinar promos are meant to be a live and engaging gathering. Missing out on one can mean more than just missing out on a video. Unlike social media marketing or banner ads, webinars hold a different power over your audience: the power of scarcity. Social media posts are here to stay, and advertisements are hard to get away from. But live webinar promo promise a value above traditional marketing tactics, and that value is a much more unique one.

Even if you choose to record your webinar promo material and post it at a later date, it’s like your viewer is choosing to watch a viral series on Netflix months after it airs. They’ll be in the loop, but only after everyone else is. On top of that, they won’t have the chance to ask questions or answer others’, leaving them in the dark when it comes to interaction.

Generate new leads

With no leads, there’s no business. Leads can be generated by marketers in a multitude of ways, but attracting high-quality leads is something that marketers can struggle with.

Webinar promo materials that pertain to topics relevant to your business are a great way to generate the high-quality leads that marketers are looking for. The people who see that you’re promoting your webinar promo will likely venture to your landing page and engage with your form by registering for the event.

How it Works

Webinar Promo Material Templates

If you purchase a template it will be send to you so you can edit it in any way you like.

Custom Webinar Promo Material

If you have ordered custom Webinar Promo Material, here's how My Sales Script works, in a nutshell.
Step one

We Listen

This means we stop and take time to understand you, your needs, and your goals from the beginning. This makes every other step in the process easier!

Step Two

We Prepare

Taking the information you’ve provided us with, we engage with your content and prepare for your project by ensuring the scope, direction, and story are clearly defined and approved by you.

Step Three

We Create

This is the fun part. You sit back and relax while our 100% US-based team uses our years of experience gained over thousands of projects to create something great for you!

Step Four

You Provide Feedback

You’ll receive your new sales script in draft form and be given the opportunity provide feedback on it. Many of our clients don’t require any adjustments on this draft, but it’s okay if you do. We welcome your feedback!

Step Five

We Perfect

With your feedback we make any necessary adjustments. No one’s perfect, but when we’re done, your sales script will be Perfect! That’s because, by the time we reach this final step in the process, your every need will have been address and considered to create the sales script YOU set out to create – perfect for it’s new purpose and use.

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